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Eden Bleu Hotel Reopening

At Eden Bleu Hotel, we have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and are following guidelines from the Health Department of Seychelles and from the World Health Organization (WHO). We understand there are many concerns during this time and wish to assure our guests that the safety and wellbeing of our guests and our colleagues is at the top of our priorities.

Health and Hygiene Action Plan

As part of our ongoing effort to minimize the spread of infection and to ensure the safety and health of our guests and colleagues, our hotel have taken a series of precautionary measures including:

- The driver is in a protected area with a protected glass barrier;

- The bus is disinfected before and after each use;

- Guest will be advised to keep one meter away from each other in the Bus;

- The driver will ensure that the guest sanitizes their hand before entering the bus.

- Hand sanitizer available for guest at the concierge to sanitize their hand;

- Incoming luggage will be disinfected;

- Concierge will ensure that they handle guest laguage guest by guest to prevent any contamination and are disinfected before handle back to the guest.

- Temperature screening is conducted during the check-in to our guests and to all employees of Eden Bleu Hotel;

- Sanitizers are available at guest contact points;

- Face masks, hand sanitizers and other protective items are available for guests to use;

- All public toilets facilities are equipped with anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitizers. Cubicles are cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant, especially high touch points which are disinfected every 30 minutes;

- The reception has clearly mark on the floor keeping distance between guests.

- All guest attending conference meeting will undergo temperature screening, all personal details including names, address and contact logged

- Guest must follow the social distancing requirement around the hotel premises.

- The limit of guest per elevator is 2 persons;

- All public elevators are equipped with hand sanitizers and are cleaned disinfectant, especially high touchpoints which are disinfected every 30 minutes;

- Elevator floor mark for the social distancing of one meter.

- Prior to the reopening the room has been thoroughly disinfected using foggier sanitizing and ozone treatments to ensure that any airborne virus or bacteria are eliminated;

- Guestrooms are disinfected after each check out;

- The room will in rest process during 24h until to have a new guest;

- A stamp of quality and guarantee that hygiene requirements have been ensured during the cleaning process of the room. The stamp will be placed on the door of the room by the person responsible for the security of the house keeping.

- On a daily basis the hotel’s linen with special disinfectant processes that sanitize laundry hygienically by professional staff with stringent measure;

- Guest laundry is handled with individual packaging to avoid contamination.

- New cleaning procedures have been put in place on a higher level of safety and hygiene.

- All rooms are carefully disinfected and sanitized.

- A must for the housekeeping staff to wear the ppe while cleaning the room. Washbasin and hand sanitizer are available on each floor for them to properly wash and sanitize their hands and equipment.

- The pool is open and only 10 person are allowed inside the pool at the same time.

- Hand sanitizer available at the entrance of the restaurant and is a must for the guest to sanitize their hand before the meals;

- Guest will only be allowed in the restaurant when there are table available as per the Restaurant capacity;

- Strict tables arrangement has been made to allow the required distancing between table and guests;

- Disposables cups, knives, forks, takeaway boxes, and the napkin will be used during service;

- The staff will at all-time advice the guest to maintain distancing in the restaurant;

- All menu will be displayed on the TV screen in the restaurant or through the QR code or tablet;

- For guests in house, all bills will be posted to the guest room.

- The kitchen will provide only ala carte and set menu;

- Strick safety and hygiene procedures in place in the kitchen to prevent any contamination.

- All public areas are properly and thoroughly clean and disinfected daily basis;

- Lobby arrangement made to maintain distancing between guests;

- Meeting room and Conference Room have new clear procedures and a spreadsheet of all the arrangement of tables and numbers of the guest at any event or meetings;

- All rooms and equipment are disinfected before and after use. Masks and hand sanitizer available 

- Maintenance will attend to urgent guest complaint in the room in the event that there is no other room available to move the guest so that maintenance can work in the room;

- Guests should not be in the room while doing the jobs and the room are clean, disinfected after.

- Delivery area clean and disinfected every before and after delivery;

- All cans and plastic items will be disinfected;

- A strict safety and hygiene procedure is in place for the supplier to follow upon delivery.

- Staff canteen has new procedures in place regarding, the amount of staff allowed at the same time staff distancing. Cleaning and disinfect twice daily;

- Staff toilet and changing room are clean and disinfected twice daily;

- Education sticker on personal hygiene washroom and changing;

- Staff uniform disinfected, wash, iron in the laundry.

- All our staff are professionally trained in hygiene and sanitation protocols;

- All our colleagues are equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE), practice strict personal hygiene and safety precautions at work;

- All the staff have been trained on the procedures and protocol of how to handle any suspected cases of COVID 19 so as to prevent any further spread.

- In view of the current COVID-19 situation, for all reservations made prior to 1 April 2020, including advanced purchase rates or non-refundable rates, we will waive the cancellation charges and allow to postpone the booking until December 2020.

For all other reservations, our normal cancellation policy applies, please refer to our terms & conditions.

For further assistance, please contact us reservations@edenbeu.com.

We wish to thank our guests for their continued trust and co-operation during this unprecedented situation.