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Eden Bleu – Family Activities in the Seychelles

The Seychelles and Eden Island are idyllic destinations for a family island holiday, home to gentle, warm seas which lap at palm-lined beaches all along the coast.

You’ll find an abundance of family activities in the Seychelles that will provide entertainment and enjoyment for the whole family over the holiday season. Take a look at a few of our favourite things to do with kids around Eden Island and nearby Mahé.

Hiking Trails on Mahe Island

By far the largest and most developed of the Seychelles islands, Mahé, is criss-crossed with breath-taking walking and hiking trails. The mountainous landscape of the Seychelles offers something for everyone from easy strolls which snake along the beach, to hikes through misty forests to the top of the island’s tallest mountain, Morne Blanc.

See the Ancient Aldabra Giant Tortoises

If you’re paying a visit to Mahé Island, don’t miss the opportunity to see the giant Aldabra tortoises in the National Botanical Gardens in the capital, Victoria.

The tortoises are some of the oldest in the world and similar in size to the famous Galápagos giant tortoises. Small populations of Aldabra giant tortoises remain in the Seychelles, Zanzibar and Mauritius as they were protected from human over exploitation by their remote locations.

The Aldabra tortoises are amongst the longest living creatures on the planet – some individuals thought to be over 200 years old.

Visit the Eden Aquarium

If your children are too young to go on diving tours and explore Seychelles’ underwater paradise, consider a visit to Eden Aquarium near Eden Bleu.

In 2015, the Eden Aquarium was opened to spread the word about marine conservation, a principle entwined in the DNA of the island nation of the Seychelles.

Some of the highlights on display include the Circular Tank which allows you to stand inside and watch the fish all around you, and the Mangrove Tank, dedicated to a functioning mangrove system.

If you’re looking for family activities in the Seychelles that are fun and for the whole family our friendly concierge is always on hand to plan a wide variety of exciting excursions. Book your stay at luxurious Eden Bleu for convenient access to beautiful beaches, child-friendly facilities and lots of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

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